Monthly Archives: October 2013

Walnut Table

My sister had this piece of walnut sitting outside her garage and it was sufficiently aged so that I could not tell what kind of wood it was. It’s a…


Box Elder Hall Not-a-Table

I belong to a woodturners group who got together to look at an old dying box elder tree. It appeared on the outside to have a lot of integrity left…


walnut wood spirit

I was bored. I hadn’t done a wood spirit style carving in a long time, so I went to the wood pile and pulled a very wet piece of walnut…

hall “table”

I started working on a fairly large piece of box elder that I had gotten when a bunch of us took down an old tree. I knew that the chances…


Trout Relief Carving

I tried something different here. I was trying for something a little more impressionistic or “outsider”. It was fun to work on this. I chose the background piece of mahogany…


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