Round-topped mahogany entry door

Years ago, some customers of mine in East Grand Rapids had an entry door which was falling apart. They wanted something special. It was challenging to determine the relative symmetry of the opening, but I ended up taking a 1/4″ piece of plywood and drawing the opening, after the door was removed and getting very close. I put a half moon piece of glass in the top—clouded glass, so the mailman couldn’t see up the stairs to the bathroom, whose door no one wanted to close.

The door itself is made of recycled¬† 1 1/2″ mahogany, finished with a combo of spar varnish, tung oil and turpentine to resist weather and sun, as it faced south.¬† It has a bolt-style lock, so that I could just install a handle on the inside. Said handle was a cool piece of apple wood which I had save for years. It had grown in on itself and formed an “O”. The handle on the outside was also a unique piece of wood.