Walnut Table

IMG_0789My sister had this piece of walnut sitting outside her garage and it was sufficiently aged so that I could not tell what kind of wood it was. It’s a crosscut of a trunk and must have been taken a little higher on the tree, maybe even at the intersection of two major limbs. It took some work to bring it back to life, but it was well worth it. The finished table is 21″ high x 35″ longx 18″ wide. It has 4 branch legs. The finish is high gloss and the top has a very pleasing and complex grain pattern with hairline cracks throughout which give added dimension. The price is $800.00. Please contact me for shipping/pickup arrangements.

About the author

Craig is technically an outsider artist, having no schooling or apprentice training in the arts. His background is in building and remodeling, but always with an artistic approach. This history lends itself to creating art which is also functional. Many of the tables, kitchens and beds he has made are clever and beautiful combinations of the natural edge and graining with specific functionality. He specializes in creating for those who have a specific corner or room in the house which needs attention. Also, he has been making handmade coffins, urns and memorials since the 80's. People often get their coffins ahead of time and store them. Familiar with the laws of Michigan, Craig is able to design and execute anything people want, however, creative or simple.