Craig often designs furniture, doors and cabinets for log homes, woodworking with the natural edge of the wood to complement the rustic interior of kitchens and living spaces. Because of a strong background in building and remodeling.

Out of the Woodworks has become known for its functional art and wooden accessories, such as bowls, spoons, boxes, cutting boards, coat racks, pedestals and chairs and tables. Bureaus, closet space with rice paper doors, book shelves, bedroom cabinetry and beds with storage underneath are also a staple for the home.


The idea of creating something beautiful which has few straight lines is intriguing. We spend so much time maintaining order, making lists, scheduling our time, balancing the check book.¬†Wouldn’t it be nice to have one piece which reminds us of a walk in the woods—a chair or bench with a talking stick, for instance—a place we could sit and tell the story of our day. Many of the chairs have a theme—the King Arthur legend or Gandalf’s chair—and many are simply whimsical.


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