Elegant: using recaptured exotic woods like mahogany, afromosia, anegre, etc ., these coffins/urns could be described as elegant. Because of the richness of the wood no staining is necessary; only a high gloss finish is used. The interior is finished with foam and linen.

Traditional: these coffins/urns are made with a very finished look in indigenous woods, such as oak, maple, walnut and ash. Some staining is used with a high gloss finish. The interior is finished with foam and linen.

Rustic: Using the natural edge of pine and popular and spruce, these coffins/urns are left unfinished. Some have branch handles. The bottom is finished with foam and weaver’s cloth.

Because of the radically different sizes which our pets come in, it is always good to order ahead. Every effort will be made to finish a coffin in a timely manner in the event of an emergency.

Each coffin comes in roughly small, medium and large.

The prices are as follows:

Elegant Traditional Rustic
S $250 $200 $150
M $350 $300 $250
L $450 $400 $300

A special message or name can be carved into the top or side. The charge will be $5.00/letter. So, for instance, “A good dog, Oreo”, would be $60.00. A special figure (flower, tree, etc.) will be bid on an individual basis.

pet measurements 


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